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Human Resources Consulting & Outsourcing

The Human Resources Consulting and Outsourcing branch at Intechsol offers a high quality service developing quick solutions and keeping them updated according to current regulations or labor laws of the local market. Thanks to this effort, our recommendations promote and maintain a highly trained and motivated work environment within the companies we serve.


With Intechsol you get advice on compliance and issues related to your employees, without the need to hire  Human Resources staff that in many cases is or could be quite expensive. Among the services we offer you will find:

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Payroll Personnel

Intechsol helps you get the work of payroll processing out of the way, reliably. In addition to Elysium Enterprise technology, we have payroll personnel specialized in paying your employees and process the associated taxes according to the labor laws that apply to each local market. Their functions include: 

  • Adding and reviewing employee profiles to ensure they are paid correctly.
  • Managing employee timecards to validate that they have worked the correct hours.
  • Manage accruals and payroll records to ensure that payroll is paid correctly.
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Payroll Tax Management

The Tax Filing service seeks to optimize your management productivity, delegating to us the tedious processing of all government agency returns associated with your payroll, including those of the United States. All this based on the filing and payment of quarterly services including driver's insurance, private disability and the State Insurance Fund. In addition, our services include the annual processing of W2 / W2c and W3. These services are guaranteed in compliance and reliability, saving time and money; and best of all, you will have the original returns filed for any internal and/or external audit that may be conducted.

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Consulting and Outsourcing in Technology Services

Intechsol offers: 

  • Consulting, implementation and maintenance of all types of technology solutions to assist in business growth.
  • Consulting and systems development specializing in Kronos programming technology.
  • Management of information systems to maintain optimal conditions and continue operating in a more automated way.

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