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Administración de Nóminas

Payroll administration

The payroll module makes paying payroll and associated taxes easy and 100% reliable. Process all the regular and extraordinary payrolls you need without additional costs that apply to other providers.


Intechsol Corp. is the only company that also offers resources to manage 100% of everything related to your payroll processes. From the creation / edition of employees to sending the payroll report for your approval.

Payroll personnel Procesamiento de nómina
Administración de nóminas

Employees administration

The HRMS module allows users to handle every essential Human Resources task in one place.

  • Centralised management of every recruiting effort.

  • Digital storage of all employees file information.

  • Administration and measurement of personnel evaluations.

  • Delivery of every audited document and relevant information to be shared with your employees.

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  • Publish the positions available in your company.

  • As department head, know the status of each position.

  • Offer a website for the candidates to apply and add their resume electronically.

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  • Create and segment your evaluations according to your employees' job descriptions.

  • Request employee review and signature electronically.

  • Add each employee's evaluation to their electronic file.

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Administración de nóminas

Resource Management

  • Add and document every detail associated with every human resource in your company.

  • Upload and organize documents within each employee profile.

  • The information recorded within each profile will influence the calculation of each employee's pay.

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Manejo de Tiempo y Asistencia

Time Management and Attendance

The Time Management and Attendance platform helps supervisors and managers to:

  • Develop and share the work schedule with all their employees.

  • Monitor the time and attendance of your group in an agile and effective way.

  • Manage and apply sick leave accruals, vacation and any special leave the company may have.

All this according to current government agencies regulations.

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Organize, review and communicate to your employees their daily, weekly, monthly and/or yearly schedule.

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Tarjetas de Asistencia

Attendance Cards

Verify the time and location of your employees any time and from any place.

Manejo de Tiempo y Asistencia

Time clocks and applications

Intechsol offers fingerprint time clocks and computer and mobile applications that ensure employees are geographically on the job, even on projects outside of the business' administrative offices.

  • Digital time clocks and applications

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Portal de empleados ESS

ESS Employee Website / Access 

The Employee Self Service (ESS) module offers all employees the opportunity to access their associated personal information. Whether on the desktop and/or mobile application compatible with IOS and Android systems, employees can access their information 24/7 and from anywhere in the world.

  • Balance de licencias (vacaciones/enfermedad)

  • List of employees recorded time/attendance

  • Request leave for vacation, sick or personal days.

  • Work schedule

  • Pay stubs and W2

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Elysium Enterprise provides over 30 reports that help users obtain all types of information associated with Human Resources, Time, Attendance, Payroll and associated Taxes. In addition, with the "Build Your Own Report" function you will be able to create and save reports to suit your needs, even filtering the information to your liking.

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If you are an administrator user of Elysium Enterprise Technology and do not have some of these modules, contact us to guide you and take advantage of all the features offered in one place.

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